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3 programming sites that I really like

Every programmer has a site collection they love. In this post I will list the 3 programming sites that I like the most.


This platform is just perfect for anyone looking to improve their logic programming skills. It has several challenges ranging from basic to advanced level. In addition, HackerRank has a code editor that allows you to solve challenges in different languages (Python, JavaScript, Java…) without having to leave your browser.

Another positive point of the platform is that each challenge has a “discussions” tab where you can discuss with other people and thus, perhaps, arrive at a better solution for the challenge.

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CodePen, in my opinion, is a platform that focuses more on creating art using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. As soon as you access the platform, you will come across creations that will make you think: “How is it possible to do this with just HTML, CSS and JavaScript?”.

If you don’t have that artistic sense, CodePen can also be useful for simple things like: creating a first simple version of an idea, storing code to use as an iframe on another site, testing some library or framework (CodePen allows the use of libraries and frameworks through CDN) and more what your imagination allows.

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Soloearn is a platform that I use to learn something new or simply remember concepts that I forgot over time. This platform has several courses that are divided into theoretical content in text and practical content in the form of exercises.

In addition, Sololearn has a forum where you can interact with other users and a “Code Playground” that allows you to unleash your imagination and easily put into practice the new knowledge obtained.

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